Niko Tavernise starting making short documentary films in the 1990s, years ago while on tour with various bands as a lighting and backline engineer.

    In 1997, a friend was making a film down the street in Brooklyn and he helped out. That movie was Pi, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Tavernise’s close friend Sean Gullette.


    Several years later, Darren and producer Eric Watson asked him along to shoot a doc on their new movie The Fountain. While on set, the stills photographer Takashi lent Niko a Canon 10D and taught him some jedi tricks. Darren dug the pics enough to hire him to take set photos for his next movie The Wrestler. While shooting stills on Wrestler he also shot and edited a documentary about Darren's filmmaking process.

    Niko was then been hired by his friend and longtime Aronofsky collaborator Dan Schrecker, who was running the Brooklyn office of the visual effects company LookFX. 

    Then came Black Swan, Aronofsky’s award-winning fifth feature, on which Niko worked as a visual FX coordinator, on set and in post; as the still photographer; and as the behind the scenes director/cinematographer. Tavernise was also a VFX compositor for Black Swan.

    Meanwhile, his other life revolved around bikes.

    After starting in the 90s as a young bike messenger in San Francisco and realizing his knowledge of bike repair was critical to his paycheck, he quit messenger work to become a bike mechanic. For many many years, while not on tour with bands he would work at various bike shops around the country.

    Riding in NYC for 10 years pushed Niko to write THE DELIVERY.


    Tavernise’s fiction directing debut The Delivery will channel the revenge fantasies that every cyclist feels at some time while sharing the road with those mindless steel buffalo known as cars. But THE DELIVERY is also a science-fiction parable about character, independence, and free will.

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