“THE DELIVERY” v07 061610

Desolate urban alleyway. Daytime. Grey cloudy sky. Burnt with an amber haze.

Camera is low to the ground.  We hear a clicking sound approaching. Tick tick tick tick…tick….tick… slowing. A bicycle wheel enters frame. And then another. A foot steps down in front of camera. There is a small hiss as we see attached to this persons calf and heel is a compressed air cylinder with cables attached to his leg. We see a puff of condensed air escape when he places his foot on the ground.

Camera side of head.(Extreme closeup)

Face mask helmet, mirrored goggles. Air ducts feeding two tubes at the back of his head… scratches and dents cover the helmet .. Small painted eyes are marked on the side of his helmet…

All black with blue markings and a ghostly white skeleton roughly painted on a shielded face mask.

He has a large cowl in front of his face, split in two with a sealed zipper. An armored bandana.

Air hissing from breathing.

A light on the side of his helmet clicks to green from yellow. A voice over.(Dispatch in Turkish or Hungarian language - subtitles)  “Unit approaching from the east…be ready”

The Rider is waiting. He sees in his helmet the car coming. He mounts his bike and rides out…

Into a large abandoned street. Vacant industrial buildings on either side tower high above.

We scan over him.

Sound of hissing air and a breathing lung…

Tubes circle his body…diving in and out of his vest and through an aerodynamic back pack which seems to contract and expand with his every breath.

Arms outstretched holding on to flight stick handlebars. Pan down heavily protected arms. Blurry background flying by..

Boots /crank… all fluid motion. Chain passing over sprockets….legs covered in SWAT-like armor.

The bike frame. Dented and painted with flat black primer. There seems to be hundreds of coils of wires over the whole frame.

(Behind rider)

A smoggy haze covers everything. We now understand what the breathing tubes are for.

Two pistons are attached to his heel and calves, with each stroke they hiss air. Like an old railroad engine… it is creating and storing energy. Wires connecting to them snake up the riders legs and into his padded vest. As if powering himself.

We see the weapon attached to the back of the seat. A baton folded in two parts, machined dirty black metal, a shiny needle sticks out of one end.

(POV) Inside of helmet … close breathing… human…steady breath. Goggles have some sort of ‘Heads Up Display’. Giving us a type of GPS..

Small yellow arrows are being projected on the road on the inside of his goggles.  A small green dot has now appeared over a rise. 

(Extreme closeup)… front of goggles reflecting a truck coming towards him on the left side of goggles. 

Breathing … in ….out… whirrrring freewheel…

Behind rider.  We see a silver truck/SUV type vehicle with a large black and white logo on its driver’s door.

“NG” with two lightning bolts in the middle of the letters.

It turns onto the main road.

The top of the vehicle is covered in police lights and antennas.

The rider sneaks up quickly along side the vehicle. Grabbing the wheel well and holding on.  He stops peddling while gliding along. Everything is quiet. No engine sounds or street sounds. Just his breathing and the air passing by.

We hear a crackle…

“(Dispatch) ”.. You have been cleared for ocular pass…[Køsznønøm szépen. Viszontlåtåsra.] …”

Gears shift. Cranks move. Legs push. The rider now lets go and propels himself forward.

He rides right next to the driver’s side door. We see inside the truck.

Grid worker: cyborg.

Jet black, obsidian eyes with tiny orange pupils… a bright amber glow coming from them.

Head has a circled tube around it’s mouth … a type of cybernetic rebreather.

It has only one arm that is covered in cables and carbon fiber mesh which it steers the car with.

It has a suicide steerer attached to the steering wheel.

It’s face is white mask, giving away almost no features. Although we can see his chin and it looks human. A very pale human.

His head is helmeted and a series of cables string from the back of its head and run to the seat behind him.

The dashboard has a line of LED lights that flicker against the windshield.

A solid core of cables are coming out of the center console. A rainbow of colors.. All enclosed in the same carbon mesh that the cyborg’s arm is covered in.

We see the rider’s arm reach for his weapon. Fingers wrap around the handle. It whips around to his front.

Bringing his arm up quickly the weapon unhinges and locks into place.(now twice as long) A puff of air is released and a small steel ball now protrudes from the bottom of the barrel.

He arcs his arm and smashes the window with the ball.

The cyborg turns towards the rider..his head spins so rapidly it seems to not have moved at all. 

(POV of cyborg) Glass breaking all around … staring down the shaft of a crossbow bolt with shiny silver tip.

(Behind car and rider while moving)

..we see him unleash the bolt with a hiss of air. There is a wire attached to the bolt and an arc of bright white light instantly crackles down it toward the driver.  The truck makes a quick veer to the right, away from the rider. Running up a curb and rolling to a stop.

Extreme closeup of riders hands as they hit brakes. Back wheel skidding to a stop. We are now walking behind the rider as he reaches in and struggles a bit with body of driver. He pulls the bolt out and replaces it into his weapon. Folds stock down. Locks it back on bike.

A short bleeping of an alarm inside the truck now sounds…

Rider’s arm reaches back to grab a long chrome drill bit on his belt. Then reaches in the truck again.

From his vest pocket he pulls out a container and opens it and drops an object inside. Closes the lid. And wipes his gloved hand on something in the truck… flicking his wrist to get something off of his hand.

In front of rider looking at the reflection in his goggles..he walks the bike to the center of the road…he looks up and waits a beat..anticipating and then as planned… red lines pass over his HUD as an alarm sounds inside his helmet.

(tilt up) Through his HUD one blinking red block heading up over a hill towards us…

(Camera back behind him. wide angle)

We see nothing.. Hear nothing… he quickly spins around .. Jumping on his bike and riding down a side street away from the red block.

Camera stays still as it watches him ride away into the distance. We hear a sound in the distance like a whistling.. All of a sudden a jet black chase car flies around the corner that the rider just was at. It makes a high pitched whining electrical sound and we hear the tires sliding on the asphalt.

(Camera attached to lower rear side of car)

As it hits corner… twisting wheels and contorting frame…it launches forward after the rider with a huge speed boost on the straight away.

(in front of rider now)

Pedaling as fast as he can. We see behind him a small dust cloud and realize the car is coming at incredible speed…. gaining with every second.

We let the rider pass and now lock onto the car out of the shadows. Buzzing towards the camera.

(Rack zoom back to car)

We are now attached to front of car looking inside of it.

A metal arm is attached to the steering wheel … no one is inside. A robot arm with a small cluster of cameras glowing with an eerie amber light mounted inside of the cars ceiling.

This is the HUNTER.

A retrofitted electric powered chase and capture vehicle.

(POV Hunter)

a super fisheye lens of the inside of car and hood and the rider it is chasing. A ring of other cameras ring the main forward viewing one. The view is that of a fly… 30 different eyes scanning. A view of the entire cars surroundings.

Center fisheye zooms to see rider in distance now a couple hundred feet ahead. Riding along a lonely straightaway..under an overpass.

Industrial wasteland.

Smog and flaming smokestacks.

(Cut to rider)We pan along the side of him from back to front. His legs and pistons becoming a blur.

There are random buttons and a small LED readout on the handlebar itself.

(Tilt back up) We look past his helmet and realize the Hunter is literally RIGHT BEHIND HIM… the electric whirr slowing a bit.

Profile of car and bike. Both a blur. The Hunter easily within reach.

(POV Hunter)All eyes are on the rider. Suddenly the rider veers sharply to the left.

(Profile of rider) He leans left and jumps a curb riding

He quickly leans over the back wheel and skids to a stop…Hunter flies by… within seconds he hops off the rear of his bike.

He looks down at his handlebars and reaches for a small blue led screen…touches it.

There is an energy tank reading… from left to right….still not enough. He reaches behind him and presses a small button on his ankle pistons.

He turns around and starts to walk the bike back onto the road..pistons making a hiss… It looks very uncomfortable walking…it seems the outfit was built with an aerodynamic posture in mind.

Walking with him .. Bike in focus ( We see that the bike is covered in small coils of wire which are now starting to glow a bit.)

In the background, the Hunter is slamming its brakes on and spinning itself into a u turn.


It makes the slide and stops cold. No sound … just pebbles being scattered from his turn. Vapor is pouring out from the hood intake.

(Pan alongside Hunter from front to back
and around behind it turning to see)

The rider a couple hundred feet away standing there staring back in the middle of the road.

A Mexican standoff.

You can almost hear the whistle.

(Push in and Pan up on rider

You can hear his breath as the tubes coming from his helmet swing in the wind. We hear a humming sound and now realize its coming from the bike as we get closer to it.  .. He looks back at the Hunter. Like a matador staring down the bull. We now realize that he isn’t afraid of the Hunter. He is taunting it. He lifts his chin like a horse nodding…

(POV) Inside hunter Single brain fisheye lens.. Zoomed close into riders helmet. Heat waves pass in front of the rider’s head because of the distance. We see the rider nod and turn … he starts to push off..

(zoom back)Now we see all the many eyes of the hunter staring out. An amber light turns on inside the dash and the car LURCHES forward toward the rider.

(CUT to) Front clip of Hunter. It has a type of modified cow plow mounted onto the front end.

A ten inch wide sphere sits in the center of its grill.the globe starts to glow white and telescope out forward. The background is now a total blur.

(Camera mounted to side of car)

wheels spinning.… chasing rider.

(Camera on back of bike)

He pedals and gears shift … he pulls away quickly from camera. The humming getting louder.

From top of hunter looking forward.. The front clip is now glowing a bright white as if a huge light beam was coming from under the car.

(Side of rider we track behind him

A glow is hitting his legs. And now we see wisps and tendrils of electricity reaching for him…. A couple feet behind him… we follow the tendrils and see that they are coming from the ball on the front of the Hunter.

Cut to LED on handlebar. 97..98……99…..FULL…..the blue button turns off and a red signal flashes on his brake hoods.


…. The tendrils now reach his bike wheel and are spun apart but keep coming.  They wrap around his leg…a loud crackling sound along with the whirr of the Hunter and the hum of the bike.. Making it a dizzying cacophony.

Rider hits the red button and with one motion leans all his weight over the back wheel as tendrils reach up for his body…

we are now above the Hunter as the rider seems to be aglow with white Tesla coil-like arms emanating from the ball.

He veers quickly to the right as the tendrils bend with him.

The bike now flashes a bright blue… a loud pop and a huge subsonic wave that we see erupt from the bike frame pushes against the car.

INSTANTLY the tendrils fizzle to vapor and the Hunter comes to a dead stop. Lights that were on down the street… crackle off…

The rider quickly jumps off .. The bike now a smoking gun. The riders legs are charred from the electric tendril arms. Smoke drifts from his legs as we follow him to the back of the hunter…a short limping stride.

He seems to be in pain. The bike’s weapon comes with a price.

He walks in front of the now quiet Hunter.

No more amber eyes.

He walks up to the drivers side door. Still quiet.

Reaching in his vest pocket.

Opening the container he pulls something out and cups it in his hand.

He touches the Hunter. Nothing.

He reaches for the door handle. Opens the door ever so gently.

He reaches inside … we see his hand flick a switch back and forth. It looks like some sort of master switch. Red and white stripes arranged  all around it.

Closeup of gloved finger as he touches the steering wheel…. A crackly tinny woman’s voice… from the car….

“You are…n..viola..on of Nation…Grid.. This vehi..le ..s now…har..ful to non class…fieds.  Please….verif….retina.. You…ave 10 sec..s.”

(Camera on passenger side)

Looking towards driver’s side. He reaches up and unlocks a lever on the multi eye mount (brain) and slides it over.. He gets  inside the car.

His cowl is up nearly over his face when he is sitting. We hear the air pump pulsing in his vest.

A small cylinder slides down from the roof into the car.  The door to the car is still open.

(Closeup of rider’s profile)

We see his hand enter frame holding a human eyeball. The cylinder scans the eye.

Woman’s voice… “Pass. Ord…anc..…ple.”

The rider smears something on the bottom of the cylinder.

Voice…”Pass. Pro..eed.”

He moves the arm, which controls the steering, out of the way and pulls out a small electric drill of sorts. With it he opens a panel near the main switch. Carefully he retrieves a chip.

Putting the chip in another small case he exits the vehicle.

He stops and we hear him breathe in and hold his breath…he is still… there is only the sound of the industrial fields in the far distance. Billowing out smoke. Nothing else. We see what he sees. A wasteland covered in an amber haze.

He exhales.

He is back riding. We pan up from the rear wheel. The two tubes from his helmet enter plates on his back which clean his air.  Up over his helmet and we see he is riding to a dead end in an alleyway.

A doorway. He dismounts. Walks up to the door.

We finally see him in his entirety up close. He looks demonic with the tubes from his helmet as Ram’s horns and his pistons on his heels like cloven hooves.

The door looks beat up with graffiti on it and rust. A deadbolt lock and a mail slot, which has been sealed up like everything else in this world with plastic and tape that has the same emblem that was on the truck. ‘NATGRID’.

He presses a small invisible button on the side of the doorway (he has been here many times before). There is a small LED readout on top of the eye peephole. Blue text crackles to life. “Clear for eye scan.”

A large cloud of air is sprayed from above the door down onto him. Decontaminating the air he is standing in.

(side profile of door)  A tiny telescope pushes its way out through the cloud from the door’s eye hole.

The rider steps up closer to the door and we watch as he unzips his air cowl. It splits in half revealing with a puff of condensed air a skeleton’s jaw painted onto his face mask. He unlocks the mask and pivots it aside.. He taps on the side of his helmet.

He grumbles…. Taps harder… finally slamming his hand to the side of his goggles they flicker and turn translucent. We can now see….

Illuminated by two small glowing LED’s …his face …weathered and dark … creased with wrinkles and letters tattooed on the sides of his cheeks. Two tubes wrap around his head and run up into his nose.

The tiny telescope emits a long blue beam that scans up and down his eye through the visor.

The blue LED on the door.

“Verified…A.Volta-29 sir..”

(In foreign dialect)


The rider nods his head yes.

Camouflaged to make it seem old and vacant. This gateway is obviously very secure and sterile behind the rust covered door.

A small tray slides out from the side of the wall. And smoke is puffed on release. A blue light glows on a tray with a cover that slides open to reveal some type of liquid. 

The rider reaches in his vest pulling out both of objects. The eye. The chip.

Pushing them both into the jelly on the tray. It closes and slides in quickly making a small beep sound.

We are behind the rider as he waits patiently.

We are at his side.

His goggles are now back and reflective. He zips up his cowl.

He looks at his bike.

Pats the seat.

A buzz sound and the tray reopens and a small card is inside.

His payment.

He walks the bike down the alleyway.

He pulls something from his vest pocket.

Closeup of hand as he stamps another eyeball to his helmet.

He straddles his bike…plugs in and rides off.

“THE DELIVERY”  v07 061610

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